· The Origin ·

Marephilia has its origin in the desire to make each moment special, evoking the summer, the light and the sea. 

Historically, jewelry has been used in order to express status. Now it comes to produce a transforming effect in our days. We are going to create stories with it, and incorporate its evocative effect as part of our story, and yours. We are going to play with the association of images and inspiration, creating pieces that can help you travel to the best of moments.

The Mediterranean and casual style as the main axis of our philosophy guides us along the way. We are clear about what we want to offer and, above all, why we do it. 

Every step of our creative process is measured and cared for. We want to abandon those governed by immediacy, because we want our product to be appreciated, and with it, how evocative it is. That is why we are committed to small capsule collections, which provide a touch of exclusivity to the creation. And that this exclusivity is accompanied by natural materials from local suppliers is our great bet. 

We invite you to be part of the community and, above all, to share our values. Are you coming with us?


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